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Looking for Belinda "BELIN" Gilbert

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Belin Gilbert
from Tampa, Florida (USA). Several old classmates/friends from 2nd grade are looking for you. Kathy, Dirk and Stanley were your friends. Stanley Brown lived a couple of streets over from you on Hanna. Dirk and Kathy peters lived several streets away . You were very pretty and spanish and you were bold and smart. You met Kathy at summer camp at school. You attended Alexander Elementary in Tampa, Florida (USA). you're in the 76 LETO HIGH annual as a Junior. You're not in the '77 annual so you may have left school early. I was told you moved to spain. You were born around 1959. You lived on either Burlke, Idlewild, Clifton, Henry or Paris street in the West Park subdivision. If you know this person please contact

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